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released March 12, 2017



all rights reserved


The Wit and the Whimsy Vallejo, California

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Track Name: The Great Divide
Cautious gambler, did you know,
I once loved one like you before
and I feel older, I feel wiser than I was
How is it, I’ve taken steps backward?

You’ve got this power, over me
Could you see the ford or rest for the trees?
Just stay with me, heads and hands and hips we move
I, I just want to dance, dance with you

Put another log on the fire doll
I am so tired of this cold ass room
The great divide has another side we’ve got to get to

There is a part of my heart that lacks caution,
There is a part of my tongue that lacks tact.
The great divide has another side, I’ll get my sense back

Life moves, so fluidly
We let pass by us, our opportunities
I can’t slow down, I don’t know how, steady me
I, I just need an anchor on this raging sea..

It’s you and me
Track Name: The Villainous Puck
He’s as black as the night he was born in
Dark and swift just like the ol cole train
He attacks without no sign or warnin
And every street corner’s marked with his territory’s claim

And he’s got a bone to pick, yeah
He carries a big stick, yeah
You better grab your girl he’s run amuck
He’s broken, many a poor man
Beware of The Villainous Puck

He reigns the darkest prince of Denton
Bred for chaos, trained in man’s misdeed
His stains too many to mention
With one strike he brings grown men to their knees

And he does it just for spite, yeah
His bark’s as bad as bite
If you ever cross his path you’re out of luck
He’s broken, many a poor man,
Beware of The Villainous Puck

He will steal your ladies heart, and the food right of your plate
He’ll tear a house apart, so you better lock the gate
If you see him in the dark, then it’s already too late
Beware, beware, beware… The Villainous Puck
Track Name: Where You Go
Oh you, it’s true, I am a fool for you
And do, you think it’s true
If wherever you go you take me too

And sweet, I’m off my feet for you
And think, me complete
If wherever you go you take me too

If you get airborne, take me too
I’m scared of flight, but I’d give wings a try
If it meant being with you
Darling if you go diving, take me along
If you start to drown , baby I’d be around
To save you from the storm
Darling if you go, where you go

They say love, that it’s golden true
And faith, faith is old
But we might need both to get us through this


And I know it’s hard when your back’s to the boulders
The waters start rising, those feet getting colder
But we’ll make a change they say trust paves the way
If you’ve got the strength, I’ve the courage to do this


If you go… where you go...
Track Name: Pluck
Time is an illusion, and your lifetime is doubly so
You wait for God to find you
But he’s gone, gone, gone
Yes he’s gone gone gone…

So come on and wake the neighbors
There’s gonna be a fire fight
We can’t trust the others
Because they’re just not like us

Time for the war of the ages
Gather your saints and sages
We’re gonna show them what rage is
With our righteousness in course

Is this how we raised the boys?
Trained in someone else’s voice?
Well i’d rather hear them stay, and I’d rather their hearts beat
Keep the drama on the stage, and the fighting in the sheets
And I don’t care if he prays, but i’ve got to hear him sing

Love oh love it’s a confusion
In the battle, it’s the beast that don’t sleep
You wait, oh you wait inside that chamber
Dreaming of treasure you know you’ll never keep

So come on and pluck my heartstrings
They play a chord so lovely
It could be yours if you want it, but you better bring your guns hon
That soul soul darling, get in control oh darling
We keep it nice and charming, but i’m nothing like you’ve seen

Is this how we make the choice
Between lovers and remorse
I’d rather see him stay, and I’d rather he not cheat
Keep the drama on the stage, and the fighting in the sheets
And I don’t care if if he plays just as long as it’s with me

And i’d rather they be brave, and I’d rather that they think
I can talk at you for days, and not ever say a thing
And I’ll never see that change if I never hear you speak
Track Name: The Big Bad
In the town there’s a poor farm house
He goes about his daily dues
Without a sound he had vanished
Beneath the light of a pale full moon

That’s quite a mouth you’ve got on you
Funny as how I’ve never heard you speak
Isn’t the night romantic
Come and walk a little while with me

And with eyes so bright you shine my dear
Look inside there is no monster here
I’m alive, I’m alive beneath the moon

Come out come out, they’re not after you
The hunt they rage, it’s for the beast
So it seems I’ve been banished
Can’t let them take you away from me

And with teeth so white, they strike in fear
Look inside there is no monster here
I’m alive, I’m alive, if you knew the truth

And if I survive I will meet you here
Look and find me down by the water dear
I’m alive, I’m alive and i’m coming for you
Track Name: Just a Thought
Saturday, usual place, Writing on the square
The sun on my face, buskers play jazz in the street
What a way to live, and what a world we live in
I could never take it all in

Walking past, a little family on their way home
Oh they’re holding hands, I smile as they smile at each other
And I wonder at the miracle of life and birth
The way that curly haired kid looks just like
She looks just like her mother

And I don’t change, no I don’t change unless I want to
I’m stuck in my ways, a creature of wit and play
If god is so great, then why do I wonder so
Is he afraid, I’d judge him as he judges me?

Why do they scream, while we all dream?
Can you answer me? Answer me!

And if your god is real, than he hates me
And if he’s not, who would forgive me for all of this
I, I need you, I need you, I need you to be there
Or just not
Or just not...
Track Name: The Last of Our Kind
Wake up gently in the morning, Press your lips up against mine
There’s a circle around your finger, Where she wouldn’t spend the time

But darling that’s not me, and I’m not her
I meant what I said, when I said I’m yours
So darling don’t worry, don’t waste your sweet time
It may not be perfect, but it’s perfectly fine
We’re not chemists, but we go together
We’re not soldiers, but we’ve got fight
There’s a red flower growing outside our window
It’s bright and just like us, it’s the last of it’s kind.

And lover when you found me, I was hurt
Selfish and skittish, covered in dirt
But darling don’t worry, don’t stress your sweet mind
I may not be perfect, but i’m perfectly fine.

There’s no reason to be scared, when it’s right its right
DArling you best be prepared, it’s gonna be the ride of your life

We don’t hear the doubters, and the clock is just as blind
The timings not perfect but that’s perfectly fine
Come taste of the future and come drink off my vine
It may not be perfect, but it’s perfectly fine

It’s perfectly fine
You are perfectly fine
Track Name: Smile of Mine
Someday I’ll wake, and I’ll be fine, smile of mine
I’ll be safe in a place, with nothing but time, smile of mine
Can we play like a fiddle, can we sway like a willow, in perfect time, smile of mine

Someday i’ll be wed, to someone who’s kind, smile of mine
We can hide in my bed, fingers entwined, smile of mine
Can you stay till the morning, i’m afraid of the storming, hold me tight, smile of mine

Someday i’ll wake, and you’ll be gone, you’re moving on
My little heart it will break, held on so long, where’d it go wrong
You’re just burning through life love, guess i held on to tight love, say goodbye, smile of mine

Someday i’ll wake, and I will be fine, really i’m fine
There’s too much on my plate, I haven’t the time, youre off my mind
I can’t hold on forever, but I remember that clever and bright, smile of mine

You’ll never find that smile of mine, smile of mine